About Us

Until the year 2001 Escadimais was engaged in the trade of civil construction products, with its facilities located in Oiã. And it was in that same year that Escadimais decided to specialize in the production of something very specific: stairs and portable ladders. Currently the company has an impressive installations of about 3000m2, working with its technologically advanced equipment this company is dedicated to the production and storage of all types of stairs and aluminum ladders. The company has the ability to manufacture its entire range of products under the brand of its customers. Thanks to this factor, along with the quality of products and the focus of all efforts on customer satisfaction, Escadimais has been growing year after year. The main objective of the company for the future is to continue this growth in a sustainable way, maintaining relationships of seriousness and trust with employees, customers, suppliers and other business partners.


Escadimais` Mission

Escadimais mission is to produce and market aluminum stairs and ladders that serve the most diverse needs on the market, always betting on innovation and improvement of all its products, both in terms of technical quality and safety for all users of Escadimais products.

Innovative Ideas

Escadimais is a company with innovative ideas, with the aim of exceeding the expectations of our customers.

Professionalism and Quality

We believe that professionalism is one of the most important foundations for creating quality products.


Escadimais' Vision

In the future Escadimais wants to be a European reference company in the production of aluminum stairs and ladders, conquering markets yet to be exploited and leaving its mark of quality and trust with all the entities with which it relates.

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